Most Boring Video Ever (Day 14 - 12 8 09)

Most Boring Video Ever (Day 14 - 12 8 09)

Most Boring Video Ever (Day 14 - 12/8/09)
Date: December 8th, 2009
Running Time: 2:07

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  • Stephen's House


Stephen opens by telling us the time, 12:10 AM. He explains that all he's done today is work on the first half of The Nutcracker. It's more or less done, but still requires color correction and some applause added, among other tweaks.

He shows us the video's completed timeline, which spans 41 minutes. He tells us that after the aforementioned tweaks are finished, he needs to export it, back it up, delete all the footage from his hard drive, and then get started on capturing the second half's footage.

He wraps up by saying that all he did that day was edit, and that this vlog is the two week mark. He concedes that the vlogs have not been very interesting so far, but that things are going to start happening soon. He should be done with Nutracker by the end of the week, and may be teaching a Photoshop class at his former high school on Friday.


  • The title of the vlog comes from the fact that Stephen thought the day was extremly boring.
  • As mentioned above, today marks the vlog being two weeks long.


  • "Stuff is happenin', but today is not a happenin' day." ~Stephen Georg