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After stopping at Dunkin' Donuts, Stephen, Mal, Emile, Debra, and Steve go visit the Georgia Aquarium! There, they see all sorts of different fish, whales, seahorses, penguins, and more marine life. Stephen shows some of the footage he shot in a montage. He actually shot more than 50 minutes worth of footage, but only showed part of it.

Afterward, they head over to Pappadeaux for dinner, where Stephen and Mal have eaten with Emile and Masae during one of their past visits. Back at Emile's house, Stephen reveals that they got tickets to the Georgia Aquarium from a viewer, whom he thanks. Afterward, Stephen reveals that the Georgs are leaving tomorrow, now that the brunt of the storm has passed. It's felt more like a vacation to them, rather than an evacuation, which is great.