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It's Steve's 60th birthday! Stephen and Mallory take him out for breakfast to Johnny D's Waffles to start off his birthday.

Some time later, after Mallory trains the cats to sit for a while, Stephen and Mal head to Crabby Oddwaters with Debra and Steve to have a seafood dinner.

They then head to Stephen's parents' house, where Stephen and Mal give him his present of some paints and small canvases! It turns out that over the past few months, Steve has taken up painting on rocks as his hobby. Stephen shows off some of his art and they're incredible.

Back home, Stephen thanks his Patreon producers and adds that he's proud of himself for being able to keep up with the New Timeline for 3 months.

He also takes the time to reveal that his father has Parkinson's, probably since the beginning of the vlog. Doing art has been really therapeutic for him, and it's incredible what he's been able to paint despite his disease. Stephen is really proud of his dad and can't wait to see what he paints next.