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Stephen, Mallory, Dan, Lindsey, Jeff, and Chaz take the subway to the Tsukiji Honganji Temple, where they have breakfast inside the temple at Cafe Tsumugi. Mal describes an 18 side-dish breakfast that consists of 18 small bowls of different types of food that Stephen and Jeff enjoyed, as they got to try new flavors. On the way to the fish market, Mal and Dan stop to buy gachapons that have cat hats in them for the cats. Mal and Lindsey then stop to buy a cup of fresh strawberries to share. The group explores the fish market and afterwards Chaz and Jeff split off from the group to see more cherry blossom trees in Monzen Nakacho.

Stephen's group heads to Ginza, where they visit Sanrio World Ginza. Stephen says that Sanrio World has everything Hello Kitty, including $12,000 Hello Kitty statuettes. Mal stops and tries out Peach Coca-Cola which she says tastes good. They then go to the Kit Kat Chocolatory. Lindsey mentions that she is going to be going to the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Osaka which lets you create your own Kit Kat. Stephen says that Mal only got 3 flavors because those were the only flavors they hadn't tried yet.

Chaz and Jeff first stop by Monzen Nakacho to view some cherry blossoms before meeting up with Stephen's group at Ueno Park. Mal tries candied strawberries for the first time and Jeff has some grilled corn. They then go around viewing cherry blossom trees and people riding swan boats in the lake. On there way to the temple they see a sign that says "Neat Neat Neat" and briefly stop to look around at an Expo Shop. Next, they go to Jomyoin Temple, which contains thousands of Jizo statues. They also take a walk around the Yanaka Cemetery nearby, and Stephen notes that it reminds him of Chulip as it's like a maze. Stephen and Dan end up losing the rest of the group within the cemetary, but eventually they reunite. Coincidentally, they run into Alex and Hayley at a subway station. Hayley talks about how she got some Pokemon themed toys and how she went to go see Shibasaki's last art show since he is retiring from teaching water color painting. She ended up buying a water coloring book and an employee at the art show told her that Shibasaki would be coming to the art show tomorrow. Alex said that he got some Japanese vintage jazz vinyl records and that they saw a banana vending machine where some people vlogging it were being really obnoxious. They all had donburi for dinner.


  • Gashapon, also called gachapon, are a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan
  • Jizo are guardian deities who protect children who have died before their parents
  • Shibasaki is a professional transparent watercolor painter and has been teaching it for over 40 years
  • Donburi is a Japanese "rice bowl dish" consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice.
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