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Stephen, Mallory, Dan, Lindsey, Jeff, and Chaz take the subway to the Tsukiji Honganji temple, where they have breakfast. Mal describes an 18 side dish breakfast that Stephen and Jeff enjoy, as they get to try new flavors. The group explores the fish market, while Chaz and Jeff split off from the group to see more cherry blossom trees in Monzen Nakacho. Stephen's group heads to Ginza, where they visit Sanrioworld and the KitKat Chocolatory.

Chaz and Jeff meet up with Stephen's group at Ueno Park, stopping by food stands and viewing cherry blossom trees. Next, they go to Jomyoin temple, containing thousands of Jizo (guardian deities of children) statues. They also take a walk around the Yanaka cemetery nearby, and Stephen notes that it reminds him of Chulip. Coincidentally, they run into Alex and Hayley at a subway station, and they all have donburi (rice bowls) for dinner.

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