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In Appleton, Mallory has lunch with her mother and takes a walk along the maritime trails before driving back down to Milwaukee. (She also includes a shot of some raw seafood in a cooler with no context.)

Back home in Myrtle Beach, Stephen heads to his parents' house once again to have dinner and fuel his newfound addiction to sherbet.

He later heads home and talks about some of the new features YouTube will be rolling out:

  1. Channel Memberships. These are basically Twitch subscriptions, where viewers can pay a set amount each month to get access to channel-specific emoji, as well as member-exclusive live streams or videos. Stephen and Mal probably won't be using this feature, since they already used Patreon, which gives a much larger cut of their money to their creators.
  2. Merchandise through Teespring. This is an interesting feature, because it'll make it a lot easier for creators to sell their stuff, with a merchandise "shelf" displayed below their videos. Stephen may or may not switch his merchandise shop from Spreadshirt to Teespring, depending on how similar the services are.
  3. Premieres. This is a really neat feature that treats regular videos like live streams. If a video is scheduled to premiere at a certain time, viewers can start watching the video at the same time and chat inside a chat room with other viewers watching at the same time.