Ninten Pack -1 - "Brand New Series!"

Ninten Pack -1 - "Brand New Series!"

Ninten Pack is a series which combines two of Stephen's retired but highly requested channels, Ninten Speaks and Daily Pack.

In this series, Ninten, in all his high pitched glory, opens a pack of Magic the Gathering Cards, and proceeds to describe each one very carefully.

Also, April Fools! This isn't actually a series.

Cards ObtainedEdit

Ninten opens a booster pack from the Magic: the Gathering expansion Aether Revolt.


  • Shock
  • Take into Custody
  • Ghirapur Orrery
  • Alley Strangler
  • Unbridled Growth
  • Universal Solvent
  • Night Market Guard
  • Destructive Tampering
  • Foundry Assembly
  • Negate
  • Energy Reserve


  • Daredevil Dragster
  • Weldfast Engineer
  • Thopter Arrest


  • Walking Ballista


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