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Stephen begins this vlog by recapping his and Mal's experience with Extra Life 2018 and the attempt to complete the North American game cube collection for that event. He notes that at the beginning of the year they only had 140 GameCube games and wanted to complete the library of 560 total GameCube games for the event. They managed to collect all the entire North American library through games sent in by viewers (accounting for about 2/5 of the library), an East coast road trip and help from friends... except for one game.

The last game was Backyard Sport Baseball 2007 (officially named Backyard Baseball 2007, although Stephen mistakenly states the official name is Backyard Baseball 2000) and he tells viewers that the night before the event they ordered it on eBay upon discovering it was the only missing game from the GameCube library. This game is not to be confused with the much more commonly found Backyard Baseball.

Stephen pans over the collection noting that while they have all the North American discs, they are still missing some covers and manuals. He tells the viewers that he would really like to get the original boxes first, then work on the missing manuals. He also points out the Players Choice variant of games and their corresponding yellow spines. He expresses interest in getting the original (black label) boxes for each game and maybe some day getting all the Player's Choice variants (which number less than 100). He also mentions he may want to find all the demo discs from kiosks - he currently only has four and there are 30+ - and maybe the remaining Japanese or PAL exclusive GameCube games.

This reflection prompts him to mention he continues to seek out manuals for N64 games. He praises the GameCube library for having so many quality games and encourages viewers to start with collecting the Player's Choice GameCube title if they are thinking of collecting games since there are relatively few and they tend to be good quality - he asks viewers if anyone has attempted this..

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