November 2016 • VlogMail - "Princesses in the Mud"

November 2016 • VlogMail - "Princesses in the Mud"

Date: January 26, 2017
Running Time: 1:28:01

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Senders Content
Gunnar (Featured Letter)
Fairport, NY
  • Letter
  • Postcards from Fairport, NY and Rochester, NY
John (Unfeatured Letter)
Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Letter
  • Drawings of various Pokémon
Woodstock, IL
YouTube: ZackTurtle
  • Letter
  • Painting of Pokémon Red's box art
  • Various sketches
  • Suikoden (PS1)
Bear, DE
  • Letter
  • Galaxy Deluxe
  • Various Dragon Ball video games (GBA)
Anacoco, LA
YouTube: Archaic King
  • Letter
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition (X1)
Phoenix, AZ
YouTube: SLPikachu
  • Letter
  • Donkey Kong plushie
Jennison, MI
YouTube: DragonRider1395
  • Letter
  • Dungeons & Dragons elemental miniature booster pack
  • First draft of the first chapter of a fantasy book Andrew is writing
Milton, ON
  • Letter
  • Picture of the skyline of Toronto
  • Recipe for salted toffee cookies for the cookbook
  • Tim Hortons' K-cups
  • Snacks and chocolates
    • Rockets (the Canadian name for Smarties)
    • Wowbutter
    • Caramilk
    • Maynards Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Berries and Fuzzy Peach
    • Original and Peppermint Aero
    • Coffee Crisp
    • Swedish fish
    • Smarties (the Canadian candy)
    • Crunchie
    • Mars bar
    • Ketchup chips
Sean & Pauline
Seattle, WA
YouTube: RayGallade
  • Two letters
  • Recipe for Three Cheese Spicy and Savory Mac and Cheese
  • Hyrule Historia, a book about The Legend of Zelda
Antelope Valley, CA
YouTube: JamMeepler
  • Letter
  • Barbie as the Island Princess DVD
YouTube: Xeno Monicals
  • Letter
  • Civilization IV (PC)
Anonymous Australian
  • Letter
  • "Today I'll Be a Princess" book
YouTube: NotDavidLynch
  • Three letters
  • Books
    • "The Universe, the Gods, and Men", a book about Greek mythology
    • "How to Cook Everything: The Basics", a cookbook
    • "How to Bake Everything", a cookbook for baking
Calvin & Bich
San Francisco, CA
YouTube: ck14500
  • Letter
  • A note referencing Day 704
  • Snacks and chocolates
    • Turkey Jerky
    • Gummy Choco strawberry
    • Koala's March strawberry, matcha and chocolate flavors
    • Hi-Chew sours
    • Pretz butter, olive, olive cheese and sugar cookie flavors
    • Pejoy cookies and creme, and matcha flavors
    • Pocky matcha chocolate and ultra slim flavors
    • Picola strawberry
    • Pakila bourbon
    • きのこの山 (kinoko no yama, lit. mushroom mountain) make-your-own-chocolate-mushrooms kit
  • The Legend of Zelda fairy necklace
  • Cat socks
  • Video game controller socks
  • Waddle Dee amiibo
  • Japanese lucky cats (招き猫 manekineko)
Newton Falls, OH
YouTube: Faustina Aurelia
  • Letter
  • Tabletop Games
    • Once Upon a Time (card game)
    • Mysterium: Hidden Signs
    • Anarchy, an expansion for Coup: Rebellion G54
    • Tarokka deck for Dungeons & Dragons: Curse of Straad
    • Dungeons & Dragons Storm King's Thunder adventure set
    • Imploding Kittens, an expansion to Exploding Kittens
    • Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk, an expansion to Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (PC)
  • Song of the Deep (PS4)
  • Song of the Deep novel
  • Dungeons & Dragons Volo's Guide to Monsters book
  • Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa DVD


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