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Oh F $%, The Bread! (Day 57 - 1 20 10)

Oh F $%, The Bread! (Day 57 - 1 20 10)

Oh F#$%, The Bread! (Day 57 - 1/20/10)
Date: January 20th, 2010
Running Time: 2:02

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Stephen's Dorm at SCAD

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It begins with a closeup of two slices of pepperoni pizza, one of which is half eaten. Stephen says that "pizza is always worth the wait... and so is the Cash Cab". Stephen pans up to the tv in the common room, which is playing the show. Panning to himself, Stephen says that he loves Cash Cab, and then pans to Dan, who shouts in agreement.

It cuts to Dan, who is messing around with the alphabet magnets on the fridge. He spells "Zelda of Time" (substituting a sideways "M" for the second "E"), by which he most likely meant The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Stephen comments that it was a good game. Dan removes the "Zelda" part of the message, and Alex moves a sideways blue "C" in front of "of Time". He says that the "C" looks like the ocarina from the game, so the message effectively now reads "Ocarina of Time".

Stephen asks Alex to explain what happened with the spaghetti he was cooking. Alex tells Stephen that if he actually filmed stuff as it was happening, people wouldn't have to explain stuff. Dan adds that Stephen shouldn't just film people's faces, and agrees that he should show more action. Alex steals the camera to show Stephen how it's done. He thinks that Stephen should use more interesting camera angles, and demonstrates it. Stephen says that he's trying to do it more documentary-style, which is why he does so many close-ups.

It's at this point that Stephen notices a smell. Alex immediately realizes that it's their bread, burning in the oven, and rushes over to it. Stephen criticizes Alex's choice to use the broil setting, and Alex says that using it wouldn't have been a problem if Stephen hadn't been distracting him with the camera. Stephen comments on the disastrous state of their spaghetti dinner in progress: somebody accidentally dumped half of the noodles down the drain, the bread is all burnt, but that it's "okay... because we've got twenty meatballs", to which Alex responds "well, at least you got your video".


  • It is fun to note that Alex "blames" Stephen jokingly that he distracted him with the long conversation, leading towards the burning of the bread.
  • This vlog was edited and re-uploaded for copyright issues
  • The title of this vlog comes from the reaction that Alex gave to the bread burning.

Quotes Edit

  • Stephen: Why don't you explain what happened to the spaghetti.
    • Alex: See, you need to film this stuff and then we wouldn't... your videos wouldn't just be explanations of interesting things...
  • Stephen: (After a long conversation with Alex and Dan about the vlog.) Also, do you smell something?
    • Alex: Oh F#$%, the BREAD!