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Stephen and Mal began eating the meals they began prepping a few days ago yesterday, and continue eating today. They start with the minestrone soup, which is...alright. It needed way more seasoning, so Stephen adds salt, pepper, and oregano to it. Stephen then goes on to describe how refreshing oregano tastes, much like Sprite is to him. Mallory disagrees with him on this.

Today's a busy work day, but they plan to have cauliflower in spaghetti sauce for dinner. Stephen has it with noodles, and Mal has it with zoodles. The problem is that they have leftover lasagna from Stephen's parents that they need to finish. In addition, they're skeptical about the recipe for the cauliflower in spaghetti sauce. Mal notes that none of the recipes are mostly pretty plain, and not very well seasoned.

Stephen then says that while they were gone, people tried to have The Lunch Bunch, but only Dan was available. Hopefully, more people will be at Lunch Bunch tomorrow.