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It's Stephen and Mallory's 7th wedding anniversary! Today is the actual day, even though they bought a rice cooker for it and even had their anniversary dinner a few days early. To celebrate, they had a sushi lunch at 3pm, after having very little for breakfast.

Anyway, they've enjoyed being married to each other for the past 7 years and cannot imagine what life would've been like if they had never met each other.

They have both played vital roles in each other's lives: Mal supported Stephen during their first year of marriage when he was trying to pursue YouTube as a career, while without Stephen, Mal would've probably never made MalMakes.

Over the past seven years, they've just enjoyed being able to travel and experience new things with each other, like when they explored the gardens in Japan together.

In other news, it's also Metroid's birthday!


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  • Metroid debuted in Japan on August 6th, 1986, which means that Stephen and Mallory got married on the 25th anniversary of Metroid.