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Stephen talks about how his mom brought them chocolate covered strawberries yesterday. They ended up eating all of them today despite it being enough strawberries for 20 people. Stephen explains that the strawberries were ripe and they were worried it would go bad by tomorrow. He says that finishing food before it spoils is ingrained in him from his parents. Stephen says that he would've never asked for that large amount of strawberries, but they were delicious. They both feel kind of sick from eating all those strawberries though.

Mark got a Mac computer not too long ago. He has been using a Windows computer for most of his life, so switching to the Mac has been difficult for him. So, they did a screen-share today where Stephen taught him some of the basics. Mark was thankful and doesn't feel as frustrated with using the computer.

Today was the finale stream for Yoshi's Island. Stephen says that the game was beautiful and had great music. He talks about how it was fun to re-experience the game again. Mallory also had fun playing the game for the first time. The game was a lot harder than Stephen remembers though.

They didn't do anything Valentine's Day related today. Fridays are their gaming streams and they don't plan on changing that. They did decide to have a Valentine's Day dinner on Sunday though since it works better with their schedule. Stephen and Mal decided that it would be interesting talk about one aspect of their relationship today for the vlog. They had started dating in March 2008 and they have been together for almost 12 years. For their 1st year of dating, they had a song that was special to them. But, they no longer consider it "their song" and they haven't listened to it in a while. The song was "My Favorite Chords" by The Weakerthans. This song was special to them because Stephen had done a cover of it and recorded it. Then, he had sent that recording to Mal. Stephen talks about how he had made the music playlist for their wedding the day before the wedding. He's not sure if that song was on their wedding playlist though. He put in some songs they liked and Mal recalls he put in a Sonic song. They didn't have any dancing at their wedding, but Mal recalls them briefly dancing together. She says that she remembers them dancing because Karley told her she had to. Stephen says that they haven't had a special song since then.

Someone had also asked him whether they had a couple song on Breakfast Stream within the last few months and he told them "My Favorite Chords". He recommends listening to the album, The Weakerthans, and the lead singer. Mal then recalls a 3D art project she did in college where she made a treasure chest out of wood. Then, she wrote part of the song on the treasure chest and put all the letters they wrote to each other in there. They were dating when she had this project, so that's why she wrote part of the song on there. Stephen then comments that they were mushy and gross while they were dating which makes Mal laugh. Then, he asks viewers to tell him if they have a couple song especially if it's unconventional. Stephen says that "My Favorite Chords" has romance vibes, but it's also kind of weird for a couple song. He hopes everyone had a good Valentine's Day. Stephen says that even if you didn't celebrate, the candy will be cheaper tomorrow. So, it is a good thing for everyone.

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  • The Weakerthans are an award-winning and Juno-nominated Canadian indie rock band from Winnipeg.
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