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The Lunch Bunch continues at McAlister's, where Stephen, Mallory, Roland, Austin, and Nikki, as well as Lindsey before Stephen started filming, discuss their hurricane adventures. Austin stayed, while Nikki evacuated with Lilly to Florida. Roland stayed, but needed to charge his phone while power was out, so he ended up going out into his car to charge his phone. Fun times!

After going to Player's Choice, ironically to pick up Hurricanes for the SNES, Stephen and Mal have dinner. They were going to have tilapia for dinner, but it, so they ordered pizza instead. Stephen then mentions that they will be having a hard time getting mail for a while, due to the roads to the post office being completely flooded. Thus, he urges viewers to donate to Direct Relief, as many people have not been as fortunate as them and their friends. In addition, once the water reaches the ground, it has to go somewhere, and widespread flooding could very well happen, making roads and entire neighborhoods impassable, as well as destroying homes.