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Stephen shares that he enjoyed his first day off and looks forward to future Sundays off.

He then reminisces about his history with Fangamer, since they recently announced that they will be publishing UNDERTALE for the Nintendo Switch and that it will be available at Best Buy, which is a big deal.

As he shows pictures from the beginnings of Fangamer, Stephen talks about how it started in 2008 as a company that would develop fan communities while selling merchandise on the side, but it has since grown into a sizable gaming merchandise company.

He's amazed and proud of how far they've come, and he's especially happy to see his friends who started and who work at Fangamer succeed.


  • Stephen and Mallory have had an extremely close relationship with Fangamer (and its staff) since the company grew from the community.
  • Stephen has covered UNDERTALE for a First20.
  • You can pre-order a physical copy of UNDERTALE for the Nintendo Switch here.