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Stephen collects games. Despite the trend of video games moving to digital releases, he still likes to collect physical copies of games whenever he can. Today, he receives a physical copy of What Remains of Edith Finch in the mail, so he spends time talking about companies that are offering this service: Limited Run, iam8bit, Signature Edition, and Super Rare.

When Limited Run started releasing physical copies of games, Stephen kept up with purchasing a few copies of each of those games. Eventually, the company ramped up the volume of releases to two games every two weeks. This was a little much for Stephen - the idea of a physical release for games lost a bit of its appeal (and rarity), and the number of games he'd have to buy to keep up with them all was just too much. Now he just purchases the games that he's genuinely interested in.

Some of the games he's bought so far include Firewatch, Night Trap, Octodad, Shadow Complex, and Thomas Was Alone.

Stephen asks the viewers: do you keep up with physical game releases?