Pizza's Great! Pizza's Awesome! • 8.23

Pizza's Great! Pizza's Awesome! • 8.23.16

Pizza's Great! Pizza's Awesome! • 8.23.16
Date: August 23rd, 2016
Running Time: 2:24

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment
  • Walmart


Uh... I don't know. Just... Just watch the video.


I hear a little voice I know the frozen pizza speaks to me
Tells me to come free it from the shackles of society
Getting in my car I know that I will never let it down
Drive an hour if I must to save it from another town

Now I see the store and know my journey has come to an end
Look at all the options for adoption of my pizza friend
Cheese or pepperoni, stuffed crust, supreme and there’s breadsticks, too
I wish I could eat them all but for now I guess one will do

The feeling is sappy but healing and happy and it hangs
The lock on the door is a block to the roar of hunger pangs
The portal is open and mortals have spoken, “now it’s time”
Stay cool by default or else you’ll be at fault for pizza crimes

Keep steady your grip as you ready your lips for sauce and crust
You know there’ll be bliss so just blow it a kiss, pizza or bust
The door shuts at last and your guts quickly ask, “was it ever

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