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Stephen and Mallory have been trying to teach Sagan and Kepler how to sit on command, so meal time for them becomes less chaotic. It's coming along well, but there's still room for improvement.

They stop by Clark's for lunch, where Mal gets a fried green tomato BLT while Stephen gets an Italian sandwich. They then to Player's Choice and play some Pokémon Catch, an arcade game where the player must rotate a wheel to move Pikachu to catch balls. Sadly, neither of them get enough to win a prize.

After that, Stephen gets a haircut, which means it's time for another haircut haiku!

Boogers and french fries
are two things that have nothing
to do with haircuts.

Back home, Stephen reveals that they never fully unpacked since moving into their house in 2016, and they've now unpacked more. Meanwhile their bed isn't in good shape, but hopefully their bed survives until they move into a new place.

Anyway, Dan is back from being out of town, so Stephen and Mal pick him up from the airport!

Stephen ends the day by changing the strings on his guitar and playing it as the end slate appears, as he said he would do about a month ago.