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It's Christmas! Stephen and Mal head over to Debra and Steve's house with Sagan and Kepler so that the whole family can enjoy Christmas together. But first, Stephen and Mal get to enjoy a Breakfast Tater Tot Casserole which Deb made earlier.

Soon after, it's present time! Sagan and Kepler get a play tunnel, Mallory gets various beauty and kitchen things while Stephen gets various daily necessities, a thermal blanket from Ubisoft, a whole bunch of snacks, including his favorite potato chips.

They also get a new vacuum cleaner and trash can from Deb and Steve, as well as The Last Story (Wii) and Captain Novolin (SNES) (originally from Roland)! Also, Stephen and Mal open up their last present from Calvin and Bich's advent calendar, which is Cat-opoly and is super cute!

Stephen gives Mallory two shows (In the Corner of the World and Rocko's Modern Life) and a book (The Girl in the Tower). Then, Deb and Steve get an electric lighter and AncestryDNA kits from Stephen and Mal, and Deb also gets a makeup mirror.

After that, they have a hearty dinner and pie for dessert as they play HQ on their phones, before Stephen and Mal head back home.


  • "Alright, Mal, what d'ya got there?" - Stephen (as Mal opens a present)
    • "A box, which has lithium metal batteries in it." - Mal (referring to the present box)
    • "Man, someone got you some good old lithium batteries for Christmas!" - Stephen
  • "Knit boxers! Perfect, now I can hide my nudity." - Stephen
  • "Every Christmas we get a pair of warming mittens. We're up to, I think, 4 pairs now. I love getting electric warming mittens." - Stephen (joking about the present box)
  • "I'm gonna adopt [Roland] too!" - Debra


  • In this vlog, Stephen and Mal were wearing a Player 1 and Player 2 shirt respectively, which they received in their October mail video.