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Stephen, Mal and all their friends are having Potluck for The Lunch Bunch, which is all going to eaten at Lindsey's place, because after this week she will be gone until about New Years-ish. They then meet with the following people: Lindsey, Nikki, Roland, and Dan.

After that, Stephen checks on the equipment he used during Extra Life 2018, because at the near the end of the event, Stephen and Mal sounded like robots and it sounded like fireworks were going off inside the computer. The Elgato, which he uses for recording seems to still work, so that isn't exactly the problem. He tested pretty much everything else except for the computer, and like the Elgato, everything seems to still work the way it's suppose to.

Then Stephen talks about Mal's recent A Link to the Past Painting, because he got the full video finalized and exporting. After that, Stephen and Mal go to Steve and Debra's house, because one of their drawers is broken, so Mal fixes it, while Stephen is just there talking about it and not doing much else. Then Stephen makes a test recording on the computer he used during Extra Life, it seems to be working just fine. Which is weird, because of what happened on the night of Extra Life.

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