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Stephen opens the vlogs saying that his optometrist wants him to wear glasses a little bit more often, so today he did!

Today was a huge work day for Stephen and Mal, but not working on videos. Instead, they worked on a lot of around-the-house things, just in case they choose to stay and not evacuate for the hurricane. They still don't know if they're staying or evacuating, so they're making sure they're prepared for either case. Stephen also made sure that the game room is taken care of, by putting everything valuable, as well as the GameCube games for Extra Life, in waterproof boxes and making sure nothing is on the ground-level shelves.

Stephen and Mal already agreed that they'll decide by tomorrow morning whether or not they will evacuate. They also talked more about how close they are in relation to the hurricane and how much they'll be impacted on today's Breakfast Stream.

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