Punching the Wall (Day 548 - 5 26 11)

Punching the Wall (Day 548 - 5 26 11)

Punching the Wall (Day 548 - 5/26/11)
Date: May 26th, 2011
Running Time: 2:22

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Locations Edit

  • Stephen's dorm at SCAD

Summary Edit

Dan decides to record today's vlog, because he thought Stephen was doing something weird. Dan walked into Stephen's room and found him sleeping as usual, only that his hand starting slapping on the wall, though it looked like Stephen was punching the wall in his sleep. Eventually, Dan wakes up Stephen and told him that he was punching the wall with his fist in his sleep. When Stephen asks why Dan's recording him, he says that he thought it was weird, then Stephen replies back stating that he doesn't mind being filmed, though asks what did Dan just say...


  • The last few seconds of the video basically show a montage of Stephen "punching the wall with his fist".
  • Dan recorded this video using Stephen's Flip. He also recorded a vlog on Day 173.


  • Dan: "You were punching the wall with your fist in your sleep."
    • Stephen: "...Why are you filming me?..."
    • Dan: "Because it was weird."