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Pus McJ (Day 1374 - 8 29 13)

Pus McJ (Day 1374 - 8 29 13)

Pus McJ (Day 1374 - 8/29/13)
Date: August 29th, 2013
Running Time: 17:30



  • Myrtle Beach Airport
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Seattle, WA
  • The Red Lion Hotel
  • La Cocina Oaxaquena


Stephen and Mal start off the vlog in an airplane. They're both incredibly tired since they have been up almost all night. They have a meal in Charlotte, and then fly straight to Seattle to meet up with Dan. They visit the Jones Soda factory, which they couldn't do last year because they came on Labor Day. Mal gets natural green apple, Dan gets blue bubblegum, and Stephen gets natural lemon-lime (as well as lime). They head back to the hotel room, where they meet up with Hayley, Alex, Chaz, Jeff, and Edo. Stephen and Dan get lunch at a cafe. Alex steals Stephen's camera, and a couple members of the group go out to buy liquor. They play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl back at their hotel, then head out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Alex explains his mnemonic device for remembering streets in Seattle: adjacent streets come in pairs starting with the same letters (ex, Pine and Pike, Union and University), so Alex makes the initialism "Pus McJ" to remember the streets. They go back to their hotel and play Cards Against Humanity with Josh and Lilith.

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