Puzzles in Real Time! - 1

Puzzles in Real Time! - 1

Puzzles in Real Time! - #1
Date: April 1st, 2015
Running Time: 6:03:58

Puzzles in Real Time! is an April Fools' joke done by Stephen and Mal in 2015, in which they announce a new series called "Puzzles in Real Time" and then proceed to put together a 1000-piece puzzle in real time.

As they put together the puzzle over the course of six hours, Stephen occasionally films the puzzle close-up. Afterwards, bizarre and random things happen, including their clothes or the background changing.

List of changesEdit

The changes which occur in the video are:

  • 17:56 - guitar disappears
  • 22:44 - Stephen and Mal's shirts change to lighter colors
  • 30:00 - Roland and Hinkle (from Player's Choice) take Stephen and Mal's place
  • 32:30 - Stephen and Mal return
  • 47:39 - Stephen starts wearing a hat
  • 59:51 - Stephen's shirt is worn backwards
  • 1:16:04 - NFL '97 appears on the table; Stephen's shirt returns to being worn forwards, his hat disappears
  • 1:34:52 - NFL '97 disappears; a stool on left moves to right, now with another stool upside down on top of it
  • 1:51:24 - Stephen starts wearing a red handkerchief; Mal wears a blue headband
  • 2:06:57 - guitar reappears; Stephen and Mal remove their accessories
  • 2:23:39 - upside-down chair moves to left; Stephen starts wearing hater shades
  • 2:35:53 - Portal cake appears on couch; Stephen removes hater shades
  • 2:53:44 - crinkle balls appear on table; Portal cake disappears
  • 3:06:26 - crinkle balls disappear; Stephen and Mal change shirts back to darker colors; left chair becomes right-side-up, right chair becomes upside-down
  • 3:19:40 - 204 863 sign appears on guitar (P.T. reference)
  • 3:28:06 - Lisa from P.T. appears in their bedroom briefly
  • 3:37:55 - 204 863 sign and chair on right disappears; everything returns to their original state and place


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