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Stephen tries Chick-fil-A sauce today for the first time in his whole life. He usually has ranch with his nuggets (because he is RANCH MAN) but he decided to try something different today. It's really good and tastes like honey mustard and BBQ sauce together!

Some time later, Stephen, Mal, Dan, and Lindsey are over at Debra and Steve's house to have some turkey chowder for dinner. It is delicious as always and is one of Stephen's favorite soups.

Back at the house, Stephen shares that he's been wanting to pass Morning Mario over to Dan for a while, but wanted to make sure the face cam element was wanted and well-implemented. Today, Stephen gave the responsibility of editing Morning Mario to Dan.

This is kind of a big deal to Stephen because it gave him a lot of creative freedom in editing. That being said, he's excited to see how Dan edits it and where Dan will take Morning Mario.


  • Stephen mentions in this vlog that Morning Mario #560 was the last episode of Morning Mario he edited personally.
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