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Because of the hurricane, Stephen and Mal need to rake the yard to allow the yard service to continue landscaping, so that's what they do today! In addition, Stephen and Mal had a block of ice in the freezer prepped in case they decided to stay through the hurricane, so they thaw that, but also show off how cool it looks. They also talk about how the water might not be safe to drink yet, since there is flooding. So, Stephen, Mal, and the kitties will be using up all of their bottled water.

Stephen also talks about how it'll be a while before everything is put back where it was before evacuating. Since they're not actively using everything, they're not as worried about making sure all the video games are on the shelf and so on. He also discusses how much he enjoyed filming the aquarium vlog. As a result of vlogging, he has developed an interest in the filming side of cinematography and hopes that others enjoyed that vlog too.