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It's Steve's second birthday celebration, this time with Dan and Lindsey. As always, Debra has prepared plenty of food like ham sandwiches and sloppy Joes. They also have a wide selection of sauces, including some BBQ sauce made in 2009, which Stephen says was a really good year for barbecue.

After dinner, they have some cake featuring an edible ribbon and inedible gumballs. Lindsey tries a piece of the ribbon while Dan is denied the gumballs.

They each get a cupcake with a plastic ring on it and decide to wear it like piercings. Mal wears it like an ear piercing, Dan on his nose bridge, Lindsey and Deb like a nose ring, and Steve as a tongue piercing.

Back home, Mal opens up a package of some specialty Bob Ross brushes, which she needs for her upcoming MalMakes painting. It's exciting, but a little scary because she's never painted in Bob Ross' style before.

Anyway, Stephen's agenda for the rest of the day is to set up what he needs for Breakfast Stream tomorrow, when he will stream himself and Mallory eating breakfast for half an hour.