Stephen & Mal Resident Evil 5 1

Stephen & Mal Resident Evil 5 1

First episode of Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 5 is Stephen's 38th Let's Play. It is a co-op Let's Play with Mallory. It debuted on July 8th, 2014 and concluded on October 5th, 2014, with a total of 29 episodes.

The final videos for Resident Evil 5 were focused on a mini-game entitled The Mercenaries. These were released on November 2nd, 2014, concluding the series.

Three months later, Stephen & Mal continued their adventures in Resident Evil 5 with a co-op Let's Play of the DLC Lost in Nightmares, which spanned four episodes. This DLC was be directly followed by another DLC for Resident Evil 5 called Desperate Escape, which began three days after the end of Lost in Nightmares.

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