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Royal! (Day 1578 - 3 21 14)

Royal! (Day 1578 - 3 21 14)

Royal! (Day 1578 - 3/21/14)
Date: April 18th 2014
Running Time: 3:31



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment.

Summary Edit

Stephen is in the kitchen with Mallory who is making cookies. The vlog is named after the type of icing Mallory is using (royal icing). After talking about the cookies that Mal is baking, the vlog cuts to the birthday dinner Mal made for him: Chicken Pesto Florentine. After dinner they watched the film Black Swan, and Stephen (speaking in a low voice as Mal had already gone to bed) mentions that he wrote a synopsis for the film on Letterboxd as the cats attack reflections of light.



Stephen: "Someone's in the kitchen with Mallory. Someone's in- it's me." vlog.