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Stephen, Mallory, Jeff, Chaz, Dan, Lindsey, Alex, and Hayley have a breakfast of store-bought food in the Airbnb. Stephen explains that they will be taking the bullet train to Nagano to visit a ryokan, while Dan, Lindsey, and Hayley head to an art show to meet Shibasaki, an artist Hayley knows from Youtube. Alex stays at the Airbnb due to not feeling well.

At the train platform, Stephen's group buys bentos to eat. Meanwhile, Hayley's group visits a Lush store in an underground mall and then heads to the art gallery, where Hayley gets her art book signed. Afterwards, they decide to eat at Tokyo Station and head back to the Airbnb.

Stephen's group arrives at Sakudaira station, where they take a bus to the ryokan. They change into yukata and head to the onsen. Jeff remarks that it was truly relaxing, and Mal recounts her amazing experience as well. Back in their room, Stephen awkwardly attempts to sit at the table (he is too large). The four head to Chaz and Jeff's room to have tea and manju. Next, they explore the inside of the ryokan, trying hot spring water on the way. Jeff says it "tastes like eggs", but Mal immediately spits it out. They visit a gift shop and Jeff tries a blood pressure machine.

Back at the Airbnb, Hayley recounts how she, Dan, Lindsey, and Alex had taken a nap, then eaten at Kura, a revolving sushi bar. She shows off what they received from the gachapon at the restaurant.

Stephen, Mal, Chaz, and Jeff eat a multiple course set dinner at the ryokan, including hotpot and tempura. Afterwards, Chaz and Jeff visit the indoor onsen while Stephen and Mal return to their room. Mal writes about their experience in the guestbook, and Stephen explains how he was surprised at all the things they did because he wasn't involved with the trip planning. He says that he will definitely remember this unique experience forever.

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