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This week on The Lunch Bunch, Stephen and Mallory get to spend some time with Jarrett, Austin, Roland, Nikki, Dan and Michael.

Much later, Stephen films Kepler being cute lying on his back, before he and Mal give a s'more-less (and spoiler-free) review of What Remains of Edith Finch. Stephen and Mal played and finished it today, and they really enjoyed it.

Despite the fact that the game is about death, both of them appreciated how it was handled in the story, as well as how the story was told. Mallory also praised how it made use of game-play mechanics that really fit the story. Much like The Unfinished Swan, they recorded the entire game ahead of time because they didn't want to be spoiled by viewers.

Anyway, they're excited to see what other games the developer, Giant Sparrow, creates in the future. Also, Stephen's excited to release What Remains of Edith Finch so his viewers can experience it.