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Stephen, Mallory, Alex, and Hayley start the vlog by eating at Pizits, a new-style food court in Birmingham. Then, they drive to Sloss Furnaces, an old iron production furnace in downtown Birmingham.

The city thrived on the steel industry up until the 1970s when the industry died, and Sloss Furnaces was closed. But, thanks to historical preservationists, it has been preserved as a symbol of the steel industry and of Birmingham's history.

After exploring Sloss Furnaces, they all have dinner at Nikki's West, a cafeteria-style restaurant. Stephen and Mal like it much more than K&W, which is a reminder that cafeteria-style dining can be good.

Back at Alex and Hayley's apartment, Stephen shares how he and Alex have very different backgrounds, despite both being "southern boys". Stephen and Mal really liked seeing Sloss Furnaces because they don't have anywhere like that where they come from, while Alex actually went there a few times as a kid since his dad played the drums in a jazz band which had a few shows there.

Anyway, Laika gets an antler to chew on, since they're supposed to be better than bones. She also suddenly finds Mallory intimidating, which is strange given that Laika had been comfortable with Mallory earlier.