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Live Q&A with Stephen at SEGE 2018

After a hearty breakfast, Stephen and Mallory head over to Southeast Game Exchange 2018, where they meet some viewers, check out some video games and then Stephen holds his own panel.

Back at the hotel, Stephen shares that they met a lot of people who came specifically to meet them, and because the convention is so small, he and Mal could spend a lot of time talking to them which he really enjoyed.

Also, his live Q&A panel went well, and the convention itself was great. SEGE had more rare games and for a cheaper price than he had ever seen at PAX, and the game vendors were willing to chat and haggle, which he found really cool.

They also received a ton of games for their GameCube collection from their viewers, to the point that he's confident they will complete their collection by Extra Life.

Before ending their day, Stephen and Mal meet up with a good number of the patrons on Patreon for dinner and give them the chance to end the vlog.