Spellbound Rage - Our Attempt at Vechs Super Hostile-0

Spellbound Rage - Our Attempt at Vechs Super Hostile-0

Spellbound Rage - Our Attempt at Vechs Super Hostile
Date: November 12th, 2012
Running Time: 20:05


Spellbound Rage - Our Attempt at Vechs Super Hostile is a montage video containing footage from an attempt of what would have been the twenty-fifth Let's Play by Stephen Georg, the third Minecraft Custom Map, and the thirteenth co-op Let's Play with Mallory. Announced on Stephen's Facebook page four days earlier, Spellbound Caves was set for release on November 12th, 2012 and was meant to follow Donkey Kong Country 2. However, Stephen and Mal decided not to do the LP after getting one* of the nineteen pieces of wool for the map's victory monument, mostly because the difficulty of the map itself just nearly drove Stephen nuts. Instead, Stephen released this video the day the LP was supposed to start, and later replaced Spellbound Caves with another adventure map called The Tourist, released three days later. In fact, the map drove Stephen insane so much, that he and Mal decided that they would no longer do any Vechs Super Hostile maps as Minecraft Custom Map LPs, according to Day 1082 of StephenVlog.


  • Although it was the first time Stephen and Mal released footage of their attempt at a Vechs Super Hostile map, this is the second attempt at a Vechs Super Hostile map, the first being Sea of Flame II. Both attempts lasted approximately three hours, however unlike Spellbound Caves, Stephen and Mal made no progress in Sea of Flame II after three hours into recording before quitting, and all of that was described on Day 934 of the vlog.
  • Between two attempts at recording the LP, this montage video covered over three hours of footage, or approximately ten videos, according to a FAQ in the description of the video. In addition, Stephen addressed this video as "more or less a 'hey, we tried, here's proof' video."
  • *Stephen and Mal reached the second of nineteen pieces of wool for the victory monument, but were focused on getting stuff back after being killed continuously by enemies.
  • Stephen and Mal later revisited Spellbound Caves and this time brought in eight of their friends including Thomas, Alex, Taylor, Chaz, and Hayley into a ten-player expedition into the map.


  • "I died. MOTHER-mmph!!!" ~Stephen raging after getting killed by a Skeleton, one second after Mal gets killed by said Skeleton.
  • "Close it! Close it, close it now!" ~Stephen begging Mal to close the entrance of a victory monument piece from enemies.
  • "Okay, it's closed. But I'm dead, don't die." ~Mal after closing up said entrance to victory monument piece before being slain by a Zombie, leaving Stephen to deal with two Skeletons and said Zombie.
    • "Mal, come back, Mal, come back, like, I'm gonna die in a second. Mal, you've got seconds!" ~Stephen desperately trying to get Mal to teleport back to him within seconds before he gets killed by said enemies.
  • "I can't do this. I can't do this. We're doing well...I can't do this. Screw this game, ... I can't do it. ... I've put in I don't know how many hours into this, we're done incredibly well, and well is still terrible, We can't do this." ~Stephen being fed up with the difficulty of this map and he and Mal deciding that they can't do this anymore, and ultimately deciding that they're not doing Vechs anymore.
    • "I can't either." ~Mal agreeing with Stephen that they can't do this map anymore.
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