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Stephen and Mal say goodbye to Alex, Hayley, and Laika and hit the road back to Myrtle Beach.

Along the way, they stop by Emile's house to help him hang up a painting, since he won Mal's Majora's Mask painting. The painting looks great and adds a splash of blue to an otherwise plain tan wall. Emile says he might add a label beside the painting like they do in museums.

After quite a bit more travelling, they get back to Myrtle Beach! Stephen and Mal enjoyed the trip, and Stephen says that this trip was probably the perfect length: just three nights in Atlanta and three nights in Birmingham.

They had a lot of fun on their trip hanging out at the arcade with Emile and Masae or exploring Birmingham with Alex and Hayley. In particular, Stephen really enjoyed seeing how Birmingham influenced Alex's art in college.

Now, everything is scheduled for tomorrow on StephenPlays so Stephen and Mal can take some time to relax.