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Stephen starts the vlog by announcing that "Thomas is here!" and then Thomas appears on camera. Then he mentions that he, Mal, and Thomas are playing a game of Suburbia. The last time Stephen and Mal played it was on Day 2850.

Dan shows up, just before they pick up some food at Hibachi House. Since Dan just drove from Florida, and Thomas has to drive to Florida, Thomas described them as "Star-Crossed Lovers, ships passing in the night."

After Dan and Thomas leave, Stephen talks about the lighting for Morning Mario again. He's confident that is face is pretty well lit, but he needs to work on getting the lighting right for the green screen.

Tomorrow, he is going to playing some Magic: The Gathering with Austin. Stephen can't remember the last Magic event he went to (likely on Day 3148). Tomorrow is the pre-release event of the Magic 2020 Core Set. Tomorrow will actually be day 3 of the event, due to the 4th of July drawing in more people to Myrtle Beach.

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