StephenMail 1

StephenMail 1

Date: May 11, 2012
Running Time: 17:08

Next Mail Episode (StephenMail #2)

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In Justin's letter, he tells Stephen he's a fan of StephenPlays and StephenVlog and started watching when Emile made an apperance on the vlog.

He talks about how he has to use emulators instead of recording a Let's Play with his television because he doesn't know how to record his television gaming. He asks Stephen how, and Stephen just happened to produce Day 895 a few days before.

Justin asks Stephen to visit his Let's Play channel and give him feedback. He also comments that he thinks he's one of the only Let's Players who likes Nintendo, causing Stephen to think that's an odd remark because "to me, like almost every Let's Player only does Nintendo games."

When asked what Stephen's favorite video game is, Stephen replies with Earthboud. He also replies for Mallory Mother 3. Mallory also states that she likes Sonic 2 out of all of the Sonic games.

He ends the letter by saying that Stephen and Mallory should cherish their love and be thankful because some people believe they don't deserve it, including himself, Justin. This comment and many throughout the letter cause Stephen to say that he and many are too critical of themselves and that he shouldn't be that way too much.

Justin sent some art. This included 2 drawings of Nintendo vs. Capcom characters, and a picture of Mallory, Stephen, and Pikachu.


Derrian starts by saying that he loves StephenVlog and has been watching since last June because of StephenPlays, which he found with Chuggaaconroys's channel page.

Derrian goes on to explain that he's making "The Journey," which is what people refer to when they say that they're watching all the vlogs from day 0 to present (over 800 videos), and that he loves StephenPlays. He also shares his favorite part from his favorite Let's Play.

Derrian closes the letter asking Stephen if he'll make a video on playing the guitar, this letter includes art (Sonic's face), and he gave a thanks for reading the letter.

As for the question, Stephen sounds uneasy about the idea, worrying that he isn't a good enough teacher (even though he just said that sort of self-criticism is bad). He tells us what he could teach and shares that he taught Mallory pretty quickly. He says he will consider.


Sonny begins by sharing his occupation, which is reviewing Anime. Sonny discovered Stephen in a video featuring Emile, like many. Oddly, this letter writer saw Stephen in an old video called Bring Lucas To America on Stephen's xfisjmg1 channel. Stephen tells us that he's trying to lose the nickname xfisjmg1.

Sonny asks Stephen what made him want to vlog. He says that he saw other people doing it and thought he could do it to so he did.

The writer also asks for advice for aspiring vloggers. Stephen says to "Stick with it." He says not to set your self-expectations too high, though. "If you can't do a daily vlog, don't try to do a daily vlog... Instead do one every week, every month!"


To start off, two origami cranes fell out of the envelope.

Stephanie says in her letter that she is a new fan but has watched 1/3 of the vlogs and some Let's Plays. She says that she likes how Stephen and Mal are adults, but "children at heart."

Stephen is asked what editing software he uses because Stephanie aspires to be a vlogger and he replies Final Cut Pro 7 and only that. He recommends using Final Cut Pro X for Mac or Sony Vegas for Windows.


The Patrick Star Meme

Mallory is asked what camera she uses, and Stephen answers for her. Mallory uses the Cannon T2i, the very camera used to record this video. Stephanie also comments that she enjoys photography and that her work can be found on DeviantArt under the same username as her YouTube account.

She ends the letter by regarding the two origami cranes that fell out of the letter earlier and by stating the letter contains a shinny card, which happens to be a Yu-Gi-Oh card.

Additionally, the letter contains a Patrick Star meme that says "We should take all of Stephen's videos and make them all memorable moments!"


Robert begins his letter by joking about the unimportance of a part of a letter Stephen likes to hear (how the person found Stephenvlog).

After the joke he goes on to say that he began watching on Day 827 only to see what Emile looked like at first. He continues to say that he's glad he subscribed, not only because he saw what Emile looked like, but because he loves StephenVlog and StephenPlays. Stephen is in Robert's top 5 YouTubers according to the letter.

To wrap up the letter he states that he sent in some art solely for the enjoyment of Mallory and Stephen. His first picture was of a Minecraft dog, and it was titled "Sammy 764."

"This is a drawing of what Sammy you would be on if your Minecraft Singleplayer Let's Play was still going on."

Next is a picture of rows and rows of tombstones.

"This is what the graves of Sammy would look like if your Minecraft Let's Play was still going on assuming you would have just kept [it] as a wall."

Their also was a picture of Snivy, the Pokemon and Robert's Mascot, two new logo ideas for StephenPlays and StephenVlog, and an "Art IOU" for a picture of Robert, Stephen, and Mallory fighting a creeper (It didn't turn out correctly on each attempt, so he just scrapped it).

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