George Washington Cow

George Washington Cow by Stephen Georg, Facebook


Photoshop is Stephen's unofficial Let's Play released on April 1st, 2012 on StephenPlays. It serves as a sarcastic tutorial for the Adobe Photoshop program. This is presented as if it was serious, though some nonsensical advice is given.

George Washington CowEdit

This painting is a blend of public domain images. These include Gilbert Stuart Williamstown's portrait of George Washington, a Hereford Bull, a zampoña (Andean Pan flute), and a viipurinrinkeli (pretzel). The head of George Washington is attached to the bull while it plays a zampoña. A Super-Saiyan pretzel lies on it's behind with a bite taken out of it. Across the bull is the artist's name in a rainbow colored font. A lens flare is seen on the edge of picture.


According to the artist, this piece's inner meaning is 'I am the beef.' It is about the Native Americans and the war and also musical interests and creativity. The George Washington represents American Patriotism. It brings out an emotional response in some people like sadness or elation. The cow represents the American heartland and the cultural roots. The zampoña represents musical interests and creativity of the people who inhabited the Americas before the European arrival. The pretzel represents a delicious food item. The artist's signature pops out of the painting.

Stephen Georg's Expert Protips for Life (and Photoshop)Edit

Some srs tips from StephenPlays:

1. Get a Macintosh.

2. Get a Mallet.

3. If you have a Windows Computer, use the mallet to smash it and buy a Mac. If you own a Mac, smash it with the mallet when it comes time to upgrade the Mac (only the RAM can be upgraded and recommend yearly).

4. Blatantly steal someone else's art and pass it off as your own.

5. Use something historical and patriotic.

6. Make people cry, you can earn more money.

7. It's better if the art used is completely unrelated.

8. Just make it as big as possible, it will not pixelated.

9. Use the filter Unsharp Mask if the photo is not sharp enough. Keep threshold at 0 but raise the amount and radius.

10. Be careful and take your time when cutting out a layer.

11. More important than the art is the person behind the art.

12. Bevel is the most important tool in Photoshop.

13. The more 3D a picture the better it is.

14. Lens Flare must be set on high and trail is the most important part

15. Best file type is GIF 32.

16. Make sure your desktop wallpaper does not have a whole lot going on. (Actual Tip)


Stephen Plays: Photoshop

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