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Stephen welcomes the vlog and explains why it is night. That morning, he got up and came to The Runaway Guys Colosseum right at 11am. He dropped off the finished bumpers and the sitcom intro, two of which were edited by Dan. Stephen then had a bagel and says that he was up for a few hours. Afterwards, he went to bed around 1:30pm. He had slept the night before, but not for very long. He then proceeded to sleep until 9pm. He goes see what everybody is up to, but first he decides to check how much they've raised for Direct Relief: $36,000.

He sees what's going in the stream room and sees Jerod in the middle of a concert. He then heads to the kitchen. He says "Tim" to Tim and then asks Mal "What happened?" Mal replies: "A lot happened."

Stephen then says that he ate food and is ready to sleep again after only being for about an hour and a half. He says he might wake up again later at like 2am or something or he might not be up again until "morning." He slept until morning.

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