Street, Apartment (Day 308 - 9 28 10)

Street, Apartment (Day 308 - 9 28 10)

___ Street, Apartment ___ (Day 308 - 9/28/10)
Date: September 28th, 2010
Running Time: 11:04

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  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD


It begins with Stephen sitting on the futon in the dorm living room, stating that he realized he should have checked his mail today. He did prior to the video and he starts to view the two letters in the order of which they arrived. The first is from Jennifer from Massachusetts (Hattorikeishi) and the "Address" is read by Alex who, to mock the orders on the back of the letter not to release the full address reads the entire thing aloud while Stephen (during editing) bleeps out the information that should not have been released. This occurrence is the reason for the title of the video itself. As Stephen tries to opens and reads said letter, Alex continues to irk him by repeatedly saying the address through the vlog in mockery, causing more bleeps then verbiage. At the end of the letter, Stephen removes cards that had been sent with it, including a signed Growlithe Pokemon card. After, Stephen points out that there is also a small amount of random cards that were sent as well, including one of his favorites which he pans to "Goblin Balloon Brigade". After thanking the letter writer, he mentions that soon he will be purchasing a second frame for non-magic signed cards that he has been receiving.

Moving on, Stephen next explains that he is opening a second letter from someone names Lane from Minnesota (dpstatic). He points out that the inside of the envelope is made of gold paper so he is afraid that as he's destroying the envelope that he might be hurting something inside, which reminds him of the Golden ticket from Willy Wonka. After destroying the envelope, he reads a short letter with a picture on it of the Taco bell logo, in which Dan refers to as "Taco Gong". Dan mentions that they should get endorsed by Taco Bell, but Stephen points out that every time they get it, they complain that it is going to kill them afterwards. The cards that are included within the letter are Pokemon as well, the signed version being that of Ralts. Apparently it is also the only card of the newer set that Stephen ever got and he is semi-familiar with. Next he reads the funny handwritten names and comments on the other Pokemon cards. He points out, after a comment on one of the cards, that other people seem to know his life better then he does as the quote is from an older vlog.

After, he thanks the letter givers once again, while he and Dan discuss the possible meaning behind "Keishi" in "Hattorikeishi". Stpehen comments that he should order a new card frame soon. After, he states that people only watch because of their trips to Taco Bell. The video then pans to Dan talking, showing off what is to be his Senior Project, Which is a cartoon about his roommates. He shows off the incomplete visuals of his characters, talks about them recording their own voices, and mentions that Rocko will be in it, but it will be a picture of Rocko. Dan says that he is working on the script, which Alex is reading through. Alex insultingly mentions that Rocko's name should be changed.


  • Alex: "This one's from Jennifer *Beep* from *Beep**Beep* Street, Apartment *Beep**Beep* Massachusetts *Beep.*"
  • Alex: "I have a demand."
    • Stephen & Dan: "What?"
    • Alex: "We should change the Cat's name, 'cause Rocko is a stupid name."
    • Stephen: "HEY!!"
    • Alex: "I mean people won't get that it's a cat."
    • Stephen: "What!? It, It's going to be a picture of a cat! How can you not.."