String of Bad Luck • 7.25

String of Bad Luck • 7.25.16

String of Bad Luck • 7.25.16
Date: July 25th, 2016
Running Time: 6:52

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  • Alex and Hayley's apartment
  • Bruxie
  • Santa Monica Pier


Today is not an optimal day for Stephen and the gang.

Tempered glass explodes. Hayley learns this firsthand while taking a shower - the shower door shatters on her completely, cutting her newly ringed-up hand.

On their way to lunch, Alex nearly gets into a wreck when a car attempts to pass him, directly onto oncoming traffic. At Burxie, a waffle sandwich place, the server spills an entire lemonade on the table. Hayley concludes that the world is not pleased with her and Alex's newly declared union.

On the upside, dinner is frozen pizza with some unique Jones soda.

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