Strip-Walking And Back-Riding (Day 244 - 7 26 10)-0

Strip-Walking And Back-Riding (Day 244 - 7 26 10)-0

Stip-Walking And Back-Riding (Day 244 - 7/26/10)
Date: July 26, 2010
Length: 10:43

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  • Gatlinburg house
  • Riverbend Mall


The vlog begins with Stephen saying that most everyone was asleep, he then finds people playing various games such as Link to the Past. Later on, Ben eats dried squid and comments that it is actually not that bad. Then, a group of people go to Riverbend Mall trying to find a place to eat. They play a few games in the mall before going back to the house, where Stephen shows the "retarded amount of cars" that were there. Back at the house, Stephen and Mallory watch people play The Simpsons Arcade Game before going outside to introduce themselves around the hot tubs. After the hot tubbing, they play 1000 Blank White Cards.


  • Stephen: "Back home again after a fun-filled day of strip-walking."
    • Steve: "And back-riding."
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