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Jeff films beautiful shots of the cherry blossoms in Tokyo and goes to Starbucks with Chaz. Stephen, Mal, Alex, Hayley, Dan, and Lindsey get a bite to eat at 7-Eleven, then take the subway to see the cherry blossoms themselves. They walk to Shibuya, meeting up with Chaz and Jeff for conveyor belt sushi. Jeff and Chaz try natto (fermented soy beans), which has a reputation among foreigners for tasting gross. Jeff and Chaz don't seem to mind it; Chaz even says it "tastes like beans!"

They head to Don Quijote, a huge store with a wide variety of items. Chaz and Jeff split off from the group, getting melon pan with ice cream, while the rest of the group walks to Harajuku, the fashion district. They stop by a Lush store with only bath bombs and later return to the Airbnb.

Meanwhile, Chaz and Jeff head to Shinjuku Gyoen park, with lots of cherry blossom trees. Later, they go to Rikugien Gardens to see the nighttime illumination of a weeping cherry tree.

Stephen, Mal, and Lindsey have ramen for dinner. Back at the Airbnb, Stephen and Mal discuss their exhaustion.

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