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It's Hayley's birthday! Chaz and Jeff have headed to Akihabara, while the rest of the group except for Stephen and Mallory revisit Nakano Broadway. Stephen and Mal have lunch at the conveyor belt sushi restaurant they had previously gone to and have doughnuts at a Mister Donut in Ikebukuro. They explore the city to try to pick up some more GameCube games, and also head to Akihabara. Stephen picked up a few things from Super Potato, a video game store.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group heads to teamLab Borderless, a stunning interactive art exhibit.

Stephen and Mal buy dinner at a supermarket and eat back at the Airbnb. Later, Hayley remarks that it has been a good birthday, and the group recounts how amazing the art exhibit was. Stephen says that it is a good thing he didn't go to the art exhibit because it would've triggered his vertigo. Hayley rants about visitors only focusing on taking photos and a YouTuber being distracting. She tells Stephen that he is better than 99% of YouTubers out there. Tomorrow is their last day in Japan, so they plan on going to karaoke and possibly an arcade to spend the rest of their yen.

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