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Today, Stephen and Mallory had some lunch with Dan at McAlister's Deli, which is something they've been doing every week for a while now. Now, Stephen is taking down the Christmas lights he put up about a month ago. Mal says that Christmas lights are traditionally taken down on the 12th day of Christmas. Stephen says that it feels like he just put up the lights and now it's already time to take them down.

He was planning to record a clip of him taking down the lights, but it took him 30 seconds. Stephen had trouble putting up the lights because his hands were freezing due to the weather, but today was sunny so it was easier to take down the lights.

They are making tikka masala with rice and naan for dinner. Additionally, they are cooking chili in the pressure cooker to eat later this week. Stephen says that they got pre-packaged naan which Mal made into a garlic naan.

Stephen says that they had already tasted the red velvet whirl Kit Kat and now they are trying the Chunky Gooey Caramel Kit Kat. Stephen says that Mal is not the biggest fan of caramel, so she might not like as much as he will. He tells Mal that if he has to eat a rum raisin Kit Kat, then she has to eat a caramel Kit Kat. Mal replies that she doesn't hate caramel, so she will eat it. Stephen mentions that he thinks this type of Kit Kat was available in the U.S. and it was called Big Kat. But, only the original was available and there were no flavor variations.

Kit Kat Flavor Tried: Chunky Gooey Caramel Kit Kat

They were chewing it for a long time due to the Kit Kat being big and having caramel inside. Mal says that it was good, but it's not her favorite. Stephen describes the Kit Kat as being physically too large for a human mouth and having caramel inside it.

He says the Kit Kat set off his tooth sensitivity which he gets sometimes while eating sweets. Stephen says that his teeth or either sensitive because of a cavity or his exposed gums. He says that he brushes his teeth too hard, so the roots of his teeth are exposed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tikka masala is a spiced curry.
  • Naan is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread
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