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The Art School is an animated series by Dan based on his college life at SCAD. 

Episode 1 - PAL 9000Edit

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PAL 9000 is the first episode of 'The Art School'; it was also Dan's senior project.

Plot SummaryEdit

Stephen brings his cat Rocko to the dorm. Rocko keeps on pooping everywhere and it annoys the others in the dorm. Alex decides to invent a machine to remove Rocko's poop: the PAL (Poop-Activated-Laser) 9000 a.k.a The Great Fornelius. Eventually Rocko poops and the laser, detecting it, destroys Rocko.

Stephen comes home to find his cat in pieces and angrily tells Alex that they need to remove the laser. PAL 9000 (imitating HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey), tells Stephen that that cannot happen and locks down the dorm, before furiously firing all over the place. While Steven and Dan get to cover, a stray bolt hits Taylor, killing him in the process. Fortunately, Alex saves the day by destroying PAL with a shotgun, bringing peace back to the dorm.

Episode 2 - Rocket 9000Edit


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Rocket 9000 is the second episode of 'The Art School'.

Plot SummaryEdit

Dan is tired of taking the bus to class, so Alex decides to build a rocket and straps Dan to it. Stephen sees this and warns him that it's a bad idea, but Dan ignores his advice. Stephen then turns on Alex, and reminds him about Taylor's death, which Alex had forgotten about, having mistaken him for a hobo.

Ian then abruptly appears, and is seen on a camel whom he names Daisy (which Ian mistakenly calls a horse). Eventually the bus comes and everyone leaves, but Dan is left with the rocket and is launched into space, being killed him in the process. His corpse floats away during the credits.

Episode 3 - Controller 9000Edit


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Controller 9000 is the third episode of 'The Art School'.

Plot SummaryEdit

Alex invents a machine that can turn inanimate objects into living creatures. It is tested on Stephen's textbook, which subsequently jumps out of the window. After that, Alex turns decides to turn a Wii U controller into a living creature.

At first the controller is nice, but its true nature is soon revealed when it tries to kill Stephen and Alex. Remembering a game Stephen was playing earlier, Try Not to Pee (a parody of Try Not to Fart), Alex tells Stephen to drown the controller in his pee. After a bit, however, Alex reveals a hidden panel of weapons and grabs his shotgun (seen in Episode 1) to blow up the controller, rendering Stephen's peeing unnecessary. The shelf holding the weapons falls over, firing every weapon on site.

After realizing that they weren't harmed, Stephen points out to Alex that their survival was divine intervention (a Pulp Fiction reference). While discussing the concept, a grenade goes off next to a pile of missiles, killing Stephen and Alex. The SCAD dorm is now empty. During the credits, Ian and Daisy the Camel ride by, travelling through some sort of portal.

Episode 4 - Ultimate RhombusEdit

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The Art School Episode 4 Titlecard

Ultimate Rhombus is the fourth episode of 'The Art School'.

Plot SummaryEdit

Ian (now being voiced by Jarrett, due to Ian being unavailable) gets teleported to the domain of The Ultimate Rhombus. Confused as to where he is, he begins to talk to Daisy for reassurance. Suddenly, Daisy (voiced by Josh) begins to respond to his questions and reveals that his name is in fact Frederick.

Frederick takes Ian to the throne room, where they meet the "Supervisor of Space and Time", The Ultimate Rhombus (voiced by Emile), master of the 7th universe. Rhombus explains that Ian arrived here due to his "Explosive Burrito Sword", which he obtained from Craigslist. Still confused as to what he's doing here, Rhombus explains that since all of his friends are dead, he can teleport Ian to a dimension where his friends are still alive, called the "Sagan and Kepler Universe", the difference being that Stephen brought Sagan and Kepler to his college dorm instead of Rocko. Since Rocko was never brought, the PAL 9000 was never made, Alex didn't create several inventions, and no one died. Ian accepts and goes to the Sagan and Kepler universe, thus restoring everyone to life.

Episode 5 - Stranded Edit


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This episode is the fifth episode of 'The Art School and the first episode of Season 2. It was released on July 4th 2015 and features Patrick as a guest star.

Plot Summary Edit

Stephen attempts to bring Sagan and Kepler (both voiced by Stephen) to his college dorm. On the way to school, Stephen's car gets a flat tire and he and his cats are effectively stranded. They decide to walk to the nearest 'thing' and come across a dodgy mart with a drunk guy (voiced by Alex) standing outside it.

Stephen and cats enter the store and try to ask the clerk (voiced by Patrick) for help, who provides them with minimal assistance, while Kepler promptly starts ravaging the store. Anyway, Stephen manages to charge his phone and returns to the car to call a tow truck, only to find himself accosted by the police because of Kepler's catnip that was in his car. Kepler jumps into Stephen's car and attempts to drive away to avoid being thrown into jail (again).