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Stephen and Mallory ate lunch with Dan and Lindsey. Afterwards, they went to go buy some shoes at Rack Room Shoes. Mal wanted to get some shoes that she could wear while exercising inside the house. She has issues with people wearing shoes indoors that were worn outdoors as well. Dan says that his shoes are slip-on Vans that are really easy to take off, so he can easily take them off when going to their house.

Stephen felt weird being in a shoe store because he doesn't often wear shoes. The shoes he's currently wearing are shoes he bought on Day 369 and they are still in good condition since he doesn't wear them often. Dan asks Stephen if these are the shoes he wore on their trip with Mark and Rhonda to Arizona. Mal says that Stephen wore his Timberland boots on that trip. Stephen says that he has those boots, but he doesn't wear them often either. He will wear them if they ever go on a trip to Wisconsin during the winter though. Then, Stephen says they need to go home so Mal can play Bioshock. They are also having their late Valentine's Day dinner tonight.

Back at home, they both did some work. Stephen stomach has been slightly bothering him, so he's been going in and out of the bathroom. Mal has been working on editing her middle of the month video which is about color matching. She has been having trouble editing it, so Stephen will have to step in and work on it for her. There has also been issues with synching the audio for her video. Stephen says that Mal has become efficient at what she does, but she has a specific template that she follows for her videos. If she breaks away from that template, then it becomes difficult for her to edit. Mal has already done most of the editing. So, Stephen is just working on that part that he can do quickly, that would take Mal 10 times as long to do. But, they decided not to work on it today because it's already 7:00 PM and they planned on going out for their late Valentine's Day dinner.

They decided to go to Miyabi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar since they haven't had sushi in a long time and Mal was craving sushi. He hopes it's not too busy and that they will be able to get a seat. Stephen talks about how he was surprised how many people were out shopping when they were out eating lunch with Dan and Lindsey. They had trouble finding a parking spot which was weird for February when not a lot of tourists are in Myrtle Beach. Stephen says that he thinks they haven't eaten sushi since their Japan trip. At the restaurant, they are eating a Godzilla roll which is topped with bits of spicy crunchy crab. They both agree that it's delicious, but they don't remember what was in the roll. They also ordered salmon sashimi; spicy tuna rolls; Philly rolls; and spicy salmon and avocado rolls. Stephen says that he will definitely order the Godzilla roll again next time they come here.

They are currently driving back home and Stephen talks about how he is still learning about their new car. All of the safety features in the car are turned on by default except for lane assist which requires you to hit a button on the steering wheel to turn on. Lane assist uses cameras to look at blind spots and gently guides the car. Also, it allows you to choose the distance you wish to keep between your car and the car in front of you. Cruise control keeps the car at a constant speed. The lane assist by itself is very gentle and barely noticeable. But, when it's turned on at the same time as the cruise control, it's very noticeable. When he was driving to the restaurant, he was using cruise control and wondered what would happen if he turned on lane assist at the same time. Stephen hadn't used both of them at the same time until this point. A new mode called active assist mode appeared and the car was basically driving itself. It's really hard for Stephen to trust the car features and it felt really odd to him that the car was driving itself since he's been normally driving a car for so long. They were driving on highway with no other cars, so it was safe. However, it was still hard for him to trust the car features.

At one point, he slowly took his hands off the steering wheel and the car was just driving itself. Stephen still had his hands hovering above the wheel, but suddenly the dashboard told him to put his hands back on the steering wheel. He was so surprised that the car could tell that he didn't have his hands on the wheel. Stephen doesn't know if he likes using cruise control and lane assist at the same time, but he will continue experimenting on the car. These features make it so that there is more resistance on the steering wheel. It also makes the car follow the lines, but Stephen worries what will happen if the road suddenly curves or something. He has spent his entire life driving cars with the intent of him driving the car and not the car driving itself, so it's hard for him to trust the car features.

Back at home, Stephen talks about how the last time Mal played Bioshock Remastered, it deleted her save file. Stephen found out that it was a common issue that there is a chance that when you play the Remastered version for the PC, the game will erase your save file. He doesn't think it happens to the console versions. He still wanted Mal to play Bioshock again, so they played the original Bioshock game. Mal had told Stephen to play for her up until the point where she left off on her deleted save file which was before the last Big Daddy fight. She hadn't gotten any practice in playing the game again, so she told Stephen to handle the Big Daddy fight as well. After Stephen beat the Big Daddy, he handed her the controller and she said she was feeling tired because it was late. He says that they will definitely take the necessary time each week to play through Bioshock. Stephen says that the game isn't long, so Mal will definitely be able to finish it. Then, he talks about how he's heard rumors that the Bioshock collection will be launching on the Switch which will be more convenient since the games could be played anywhere.

Stephen talks about how it was nice for them to go out together for dinner tonight. They haven't gone out on a date in a while. They both live and work together, so they see each other often. The fact that they see each other often kind of filled in the void of them going on dates. But, they still enjoyed going out together. Then, Stephen says that they need to go to bed since they are trying to get their sleep schedules back to normal. Stephen says that he will work on editing Mal's video tomorrow. Once that is finished, Mal can start on her new painting.

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  • Big Daddies are genetically enhanced human beings who have had their skin and organs grafted into an enormous diving suit and their primary purpose is to protect Little Sisters while they escort them around Rapture in Bioshock
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