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Stephen laments that Sagan and Kepler both prefer to lay on his lap instead of one on Stephen and one on Mallory.

Regardless, today is Stephen and Mal's day off, though it'll really only be a half day off, since they need to continue preparing for Hurricane Florence, as it's a category 4 hurricane now. Stephen will be able to work if they have electricity if they decide to evacuate, though Mallory won't be able to paint at all.

Mallory ordered an emergency solar hand-crank radio, to go with other supplies they ordered in case they evacuate.

Some time later, as Stephen got in his car after leaving his parents' house, a frog "friend" joined him, which he named Leonard. Leonard was promptly abandoned on the side of the house. Later, Mal shows Stephen how the crank radio works in case they get completely out of contact with the news. They learn that Florence is supposed to hit Wilmington, SC, which is very close to Myrtle Beach. But, for the time being, Stephen and Mal don't plan on evacuating.