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The video begins with Sagan sitting on top of the trash can next to the counter. Stephen realizes that Sagan started to sit on the trash can because it wasn't technically the counter so he was never yelled at for sitting on the trash can. Stephen proceeds to give Sagan the nickname "Trash Cat".

Earlier, Stephen says that he and Mallory had gone to the supermarket since Mal had some new recipes she wanted to try. They had gotten fresh salmon because it was half-priced. Stephen prepares salmon with green pesto and spinach for dinner. Stephen talks about how delicious pesto is to the point that he will spread it on toast much to everyone's chagrin. While Stephen was preparing dinner, Mal was doing a test run for her Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver - "National Park" painting on a small canvas because she wanted to try doing a palette knife painting which she hadn't done since college. 

Next, Stephen talks about how he cut off the skin of the salmon with a chef's knife because while he was filleting the salmon he couldn't cut through the skin so he just completely cut the skin off. Mal then tells him that he should have used the blue curved knife instead because it's curved so it's easier to cut the salmon with. In the living room, Sagan came to sniff Stephen's food and Stephen tells Sagan that he probably wouldn't like pesto even if he does like salmon. Then, there is a transition to Sagan sitting in a pile of laundry. So, Stephen says that Sagan has evolved from "Trash Cat" to "Laundry Cat".

Stephen brings out a 45th Anniversary Kit-Kat Box from a patron named Martin which he and Mal opened up in VlogMail. Stephen says that starting from this vlog and for the next 35 vlogs, each day he and Mal will try a different Kit-Kat from a different section of the box each day.

Kit-Kat Flavor Tried: Sublime Bitter Kit Kat

While breaking the Kit Kat in half, Mal quotes a Kit Kat slogan "Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar". After eating the Kit Kat, both Stephen and Mal said the Sublime Bitter Kit Kat tasted like 85% cacao chocolate. Stephen proceeds to talk about how 85% cacao chocolate is really good especially for those who love dark chocolate while 100% cacao chocolate is something you just want to try once.

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