The Legend of Dessert Man (Day 228 - 7 10 10)

The Legend of Dessert Man (Day 228 - 7 10 10)

The Legend of Dessert Man (Day 228 - 7/10/10)
Date: July 10th, 2010
Running Time: 5:32

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  • Asian Fusion
  • Stephen's House

Summary Edit

The opening shot is of Stephen in the "zany crazy Asian Fusion place" once again with Justin and Laura as opposed to Jarett like last time. They're eating lunch before they go to fix a computer. After that Stephen and Mallory have work. Stephen enjoys sushi a decent amount according to him, but he also wishes it wasn't as expensive.

The next shot is of Stephen sitting in his room where he begins to explains that he took a look at the aforementioned computer and concluded that it need to be reformatted. After reformatting the hard drive Windows XP was attempted to be installed but it didn't recognize the hard drive. He then explains how Laura told Stephen the changes that need to be made for the recital he recorded. Stephen then begins to tell a story from work that night.

  • Story - The Abridged Version

Two gentlemen entered the restaurant, one large guy accompanied by one smaller guy. They sat down and Stephen began to take their order. The big guy ordered a sirloin steak and a crab cake, Stephen then proceeded to ask the smaller guy what he wanted; he replied "Dessert, just dessert." The man in the end, ordered three desserts and a salad.

  • End of Story - The Abridged Version

Stephen ends his story and begins to explain that this day was the Magic: the Gathering 2011 pre-release, which him and Mallory unfortunately couldn't attend. Stephen then proceeds to ask all of the viewers that went themselves what happened. He then reveals that the upcoming Friday that him and Mallory will be doing a draft. He shows much excitement for this event. He then goes off on a tangent about his flip exploding briefly before the vlog ends.

Quotes Edit

  • Stephen: "During reformat Windows XP set up was all like 'You ain't got no hard drives dawg,' and I'm like 'What?'"